Rhodes to Symi Day Trips

The island of Symi is one of Greece’s best kept secrets that’s why is the most popular daily excursion.It is adorned with traditional houses and charming neoclassical buildings that feature peaked roofs of red tile and wonderful balconies.Here you can enjoy relaxing walks along the colorful coastline and listening to the sounds of the waves. On Symi’s southest coast lies the monastery of Archangel Michael Panormitis.This landmark was built in the early 18th century and overlooks the bay.

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Lindos Boat Excursion

Lindos is one of the most beautiful villages of Rhodes.With the boat it is 2 hours sail, during which you can admire the coastline and enjoy the combination of sunshine and refreshing sea breeze.During your stay in Lindos you can explore the village strolling through the small narrow streets dotted with wonderful souvenirs shops, cafes and restaurants.If you prefer ancient sites, visit to the Acropolis is a must! On the way back to Rhodes the boat is making 2 stops in two different beaches for swimming and photos.

January 21, 2014 Full day cruises


At Kalithea bay the Italian spa facilities, the exotic vegetation and the sea are combined to a picture coming right from the cinema.The Kalithea spa building complex is a distinguished Cultural monument.The Spas was operational until just a few years ago and there are plans to reopen it in the future.Relax in calm waters of picturesque bay or explore it’s fascinating underwater world by scuba-diving classes, or simply hiring a mask.

January 21, 2014 Sightseeings

Rhodes City Tour

Don’t miss Rhodes City tour with our luxury buses, a truly unique opportunity for every visitor, to see all the sights and points of interest.We pass out of the famous Medieval City of Rhodes or better known as the Old Town, characterized by UNESCO as a monument of world cultural heritage, the three Windmills, the Mandraki harbour with very impressive monumental buildings built by the Italians, the two Deers where it is believed that the Colossus once stood and the underwater Aquarium.Passing from Monte Smith you can enjoy a panoramic view of the City and the sea shore, the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, the impressive open air ancient Stadium and the Amphitheatre.

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The island tour is your ideal opportunity to explore the local life & discover the beauty of the island. The tour passes through traditional villages & magnificent beaches. The Castle of Kritinia is a Venetian castle of 16th century on a hill offers a breath taking view of Aegean sea, Winery and olive oil tasting in Embona’s village, we will drive after to Profitis Ilias a 1929 Italian htl in the heart of the forest of pines, cedars and oaks trees is an ideal stop for photos or coffee, next stop is in Fountouklis, a Byzantine church of Saint Nikolaos which was built in 14th century, also a photo stop to Saint Nektarios where grows a huge plane tree, the trunk, which is quite empty and can accommodate 3 adults & of course a lunch break in a traditional taverna. A last relaxing stop in Kalithea Springs for swimming or a drink, a majestic place known since antiquity for the thermal springs.

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Would it please you to spend one evening with much tendency in native atmosphere? A fantastic night out for everyone in a typical greek taverna.Have a taste of a village life with an opportunity todance like Zorba the greek.Live greek music, traditional greek dancing with a group of folk lore in original – customs, a selection of starters, main course and free flowing red & white wine. A wonderful atmosphere and brilliant entertainment including also the transfer.

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Filerimos Rhodes

Filerimos Hill is surrounded by pine trees and perched on top of the hill looking down over the expanse of the island, this beautiful spot is a real find. Just 15km from Rhodes Town, the view from the cross is quite spectacular. There is a road that sets off from the square that leads to the westernmost point of the hill.The road to Golgotha used by the Catholics was dotted with holy icon-stands and bronze reliefs with representations of the passion of Christ.

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Take a relaxing have day tour of Rhodes visiting the unique and peaceful ecological setting, being a true pride of nature with narrow rock walkways. Lakes decorated by water-lilies, rustic bridges, running waters, waterfalls and resting places, loaded with millions of brown-red butterflies from mid June to September.There is also a Museum that you can visit with many species

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Lindos is one of the most popular travel location in Greece because of the relaxed atmosphere, the friendly inhabitants and the lovely beaches.During your stay to Lindos you can explore the village strolling through the small narrow streets dotted with wonderful souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants.If you prefer ancient sites, visit to the Acropolis is a must! The view from the top is breathtaking!

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Why not grab the opportunity of seeing another country, another culture, when you got the change during your stay to Rhodes?It takes only 1 hour to reach Asia with a fast boat. Marmaris is the most popular Turkish resort and once you visit it, you will understand why.This tour is for those who like the oriental style well known for shopping & bargaining traditions, a shoppers paradise.There is no Visa need for one day visit to Turkey.When reaching Marmaris port our escorts will invite you for 1 hour city tour by bus with an official guide.

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