Winery in Rhodes follows a tradition of 2,400 years! A story from those early days tells how the Cretans, jealous of Rhodes fame for High quality wine, copied Rhodian amphorae in an attempt to pass off their own wine as Rhodian.Rhodians to eliminate poorer quality grapes, vineyards on the Lindos side of the island, where the climate is too hot and dry, were destroyed and growing in now concentrated on the western side, around the village of Embona.Here many small vineyards are located in specific cooler microclimates where granite stones in the soil help by increasing humidity which in turn improves the flavors.Athiri, a very old local variety of white grape, is grown in vineyards on lower slopes below Embona while mountain regions produce a better quality of Red grape.

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The castle of Kritinia (Kastello for the locals) is a Venetian castle built in the 16th century on a hill about 131 metres above the village of Kritinia.It is fairly considered the germ of the village as it offers a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea, the island of Chalki and some other deserted islands.Due to its strategic location that allowed a 360 degree monitoring view of the sea and thus, the pirates and the enemies activities, the site was chosen by the Knights of the Order  of St.John to build the castle.Originally, the castle was divided in three levels, each of them belonging to a different Grand Master.In 1480 the Ottoman Turks sent 100.000 soldiers across Rhodes in an effort to invade and conquer the island with a big number of troops sent to Kritinia as well, attempting to seize the castle.However, regardless of the fact that the Turks outnumbered the Knights a lot and after many bloodshed battles, the Turkish troops finally retreated, leaving the castle full of ruins and damages.Without wasting time though, the Knights engaged themselves to restoring the damages that the castle had sustained, bringing it back to its original form.Only the Shell of the castle still survives today.But above the rather disintegrated entrance of it, lie the coats of arms of two of the Grand Masters of the Medieval Era.The coat of arm of the Grand Master D’Amboise (1503-1512) and the one of the Grand Master origny (1467-1476).Within the walls there are also remnants of a chapel devoted to Saint John, where you can view amazing 16th century wall paintings.Fortunately and as the Greek Archeological Services had realized the importance of the castle, reinforcement programme will take place in order to conserve and renovate the damaged sections of the castle and the church.

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The island tour is your ideal opportunity to explore the local life & discover the beauty of the island. The tour passes through traditional villages & magnificent beaches. The Castle of Kritinia is a Venetian castle of 16th century on a hill offers a breath taking view of Aegean sea, Winery and olive oil tasting in Embona’s village, we will drive after to Profitis Ilias a 1929 Italian htl in the heart of the forest of pines, cedars and oaks trees is an ideal stop for photos or coffee, next stop is in Fountouklis, a Byzantine church of Saint Nikolaos which was built in 14th century, also a photo stop to Saint Nektarios where grows a huge plane tree, the trunk, which is quite empty and can accommodate 3 adults & of course a lunch break in a traditional taverna. A last relaxing stop in Kalithea Springs for swimming or a drink, a majestic place known since antiquity for the thermal springs.

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Take a relaxing have day tour of Rhodes visiting the unique and peaceful ecological setting, being a true pride of nature with narrow rock walkways. Lakes decorated by water-lilies, rustic bridges, running waters, waterfalls and resting places, loaded with millions of brown-red butterflies from mid June to September.There is also a Museum that you can visit with many species

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Lindos is one of the most popular travel location in Greece because of the relaxed atmosphere, the friendly inhabitants and the lovely beaches.During your stay to Lindos you can explore the village strolling through the small narrow streets dotted with wonderful souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants.If you prefer ancient sites, visit to the Acropolis is a must! The view from the top is breathtaking!

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One of the most charming destinations of Rhodes, Seven Springs offer a cool, magical landscape, a real oasis, even in the heat of high Summer, swamped in greenery.Waters come out from the Springs all year around, which end up in a small lake.You get to the lake walking through a narrow tunnel of 186m.The lake exists thank to a dam built by the Italians, in order to provide the nearby Kolymbia with fresh water.The area of Seven Springs and the nearby forests are suitable for walking.

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